To List or Not to List


    TRANSMISSION: Curating our identities.
    We’ve all made lists. Shopping lists, TO DO lists. We’ve balanced checkbooks, committed numbers to paper…
    What do our lists look like?
    Do they change as we move through life?
    What matters more: making the list or what’s on the list?
    Are we listing to remember, or listing to [be able to] forget? Why do we make lists?
    Why this extra step, between thought and action?
    Are we transmitting information? communicating it to ourselves or others?
Artist Rikrit-Tiravanija

Tiravanija: One life's history transcribed onto a scroll

A list is to the mind, as a wall is to the world. A reflection of the moment.

A seemingly velocity-less vehicle that guides us to the next step.
  • And where is the list taking us? Where are “we” relative to the list?
  • In it? Beside it? travelling along it? through it? beyond it? around it?
A suggestion.

A list curates, configures information.

Whether we list to remember or whether we list to forget, we need a matrix within which to anchor our data.
Our data needs a goal, an orientation, a purpose – even if that purpose is omission.

And if indeed we are charting the journey of content

  • from thought > to statement,
  • thought (> to statement) > to action,
  • action > to imprint of that action;
  • The question still stands:
    Where are WE? Who is the We relative to that content?

    • An answer: Perhaps the “We” stands at that moment between to think and not to think, to say and not to say, to do and not to do, to leave this mark or to leave another…

    It is not – as Shakespeare would have it – “to be or not to be”. Being is not a choice. Living is. Identity is. and History is.

      And if the theme of life is choosing, than we are all but variation on the theme, probability waves turned particle.

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