Ruth Calderon, Rabbi Rechumei and my brother

Ruth Calderon learns Ketubot 62b with Chavrei Ha Knesset

I have not blogged in months. Aside from a small nod of the head to G-d synchronous with the reading of my brother’s Bar Mitzva parsha, Lech Lecha, ironically the weekly portion of the Akeida/Binding of Isaac, I have stayed away, stopped writing, for want of wanting life, wanting to write.

But now …

G-d bless Ruth Calderon. G-d bless this woman for rising from the ashes of post-zionist tohu va’vohu to stand before the members of Israeli parliament and learn with them. Watch the video. I cried and I cried. I cried for the wonder of having lived long enough to see members of opposing – even warring – factions join together to learn Torah. And I cried like Rav Rechumei’s wife, like Sarah Imeinu, waiting, waiting, one for her husband, the other, for her son, “Hashta Atei, Hashta” – “Now, Now – Now he’s coming”. Like the holy kaddish “Hashta … u bizman kariv” – Already Now, Soon – he’s coming, he’s coming. And I cried for my brother. He’s coming. He’s coming.

Ruth Calderon stood before the Knesset like the Berdichiver saying Kaddish.

If we can sit in our knesset, facing the image of Theodr Herzl, defiantly defending our merit, our right to peace, to blessings … to LIVE! If I have lived long enough to see this, I will live long enough to see my brother come, walk through that door, hashta, now, already, now. Breathless, I wait, even as I live, dance, laugh, build, cry, continue, Hashta Atei – He is coming now. Bizman kariv.

Ve’Imru. Amein


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